How to Watch: Grammy Awards 2019 Live Stream Online Channel


Grammy awards is the greatest events for musicians in the US. The award is organized by the Recording Academy and the aim is to reward the achievers in the music industry across the country. This is an annual event and it features the best in the performing artists.
The award generates great interests among performers in the industry. The next award, which comes up in February 10 2019 is the 61st in the series. The award started in the year 1959 and has continued since then, though it has witnessed some modifications over the years.


The event is rotated across the country, but it was held most of the time in Los Angeles. Even the next event is to hold at the same center in Los Angeles. It was held there at least seventeen times in the past. The venue for the next event is Staples Center in Los Angeles. It will be an opportunity for the academy to reward and honor the best achievers and performers in the music industry from October 1st 2017 and September 30th 2018. Every musician wants to go home with one honor or the other in an event that is organized among different categories of the music industry.

How to watch Grammys 2019 Live online

There are different ways of watch Grammys award. One of them is through the various online channels. Most of the online channels are premium service, which means that it is pay per view or PPV. Only a few of them are free services. In an event like this, broadcast station has some rights and one of them is that it is illegal to stream such events without paying for it. For those that do not have access to cable and television, the internet option remains the best way for them to watch the Grammy award. You can watch it online through CBS All Access. This ensures that you get the program throughout the US market. It is a premium service you will pay $5.99 monthly. It is also available free for seven days. You can try it free for seven days before you will be charged for the service.
If you want to use it for the free trial, you will add your credit card information. If you do not want to be charged, you can cancel the subscription after a few days.

Grammys Live Stream free


If you want to watch the program free, it is advisable to sign up for the free trial, and provide your credit card information. You can always cancel if you do not want to pay. If you want to watch it free, you can try the various online apps such as mobile and smart phone, laptop, notes as well as computer and other mobile devices.

Apart from the free trial version, you can watch it free through the various social media channels. It will be free for you because you will not be charged to watch the events streamed live to you. It is not going to be free for the person streaming it to you, he is doing that through his paid subscription account. In America, it could amount to a crime to watch such an event without paying for it. If you have free options, you can always try it. One annoying thing with free options is that it will disturb you with plenty of ads.
Social media channels like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube could be streaming the events live to you. Check for those services that provide that free streaming option.

How to watch Grammy awards live online with Paid option

Many people across the country and beyond will watch the Grammy award through online channels. There are various online channels. It will only require the correct app and an internet connection. Here are some of the channels you can watch the event streamed to you live.

Sling TV

This remains the most popular alternatives for those that do not use cable or television in their homes. You are going to enjoy the quality of service. For you to do use the system, you must first subscribe to the Sling TV. It will have direct access to CBS online. Sling is one of the online broadcasting channels that have direct access to CBS. It is one of the partner stations. When you subscribe for the channel, you can watch the event.

Sling will cover the weeklong program. The channel is known for the superior quality streaming services it has been providing over the years. To get the best for them, you require a high-speed internet connection. It also makes free trial possible. Within this period, you can determine whether you can continue to use that service or not.
If you subscribe for one month, you will not only watch Grammy, you are going to watch other programs which the station is going to air to you.

Use it with a compatible device. This way, you will be sure of the quality of service it streams to you.

Fubo TV

Fubo is another great alternative for those that do not have television and cable. Just like Sling, it is going to stream to you through the internet. Fubo is available in different markets in America. Before you make your choice, consider whether it is available in your area or not.

Furthermore, Fubo TV makes free trial possible, which can last for a few days. Within these days, you will know whether to continue using it, or whether to terminate the subscription. Because the service is not available in all parts of the country, you must be sure of reception quality. Once there is a strong internet connection, chances are there that it can stream in good quality.
It is not just Grammy award you can watch when you subscribe; you can have access to other important programs they present. Such other programs such as movies and sports can be streamed to you.
It is compatible with different operating devices such as your mobile and smartphone, laptop, and computer and so on.

Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live Television is another popular option to watch Grammy Award live. The online channel station has agreement with CBS to stream the program live. If you subscribe to Hulu, you can have access to all the events. Moreover, there is geo restriction in use of its services. Ensure that the service is your area before you subscribe for their services. If you do not get a good reception, it can affect the streaming quality. One good advantage of using Hulu is that you can have direct access to all the wonderful programs they air such as movies, music, and other entertainment programs. The program remains the most formidable alternative.

It is compatible with several online devices. If you can connect to the internet with your viewing device, you can use the station. For instance, if you use a smart mobile phone, as well as laptop and a computer, you can enjoy the wonderful program it makes available to you.

It offers a free trial period. This can last just for a few days. It is enough to determine whether you can rely on the channel for the Grammy award or to look elsewhere.

YouTube TV

This is perhaps the most popular streaming online services. YouTube has an edge in terms of streaming quality. Many people can watch it through its PPV. Though some people can still watch it free using the channel. Some fans can stream it live free for their followers. With your laptop, mobile phone, and computer, you can use it in YouTube.

PlayStation Vue

It is another online channel you can watch the Grammy award. It is compatible with PS4 and PS3 and so on. In addition to that, it is compatible with some of your operating mobile devices. To use it here, you must use the correct app, which is the Vue app.

Watch Grammy on these devices


You can also start a free trial on Roku. You can do this using your Roku remote. It is very easy to use. Just follow the instruction and you will have access to Roku. Roku has interesting features such a television and movies. Switch to the television and watch television programs.


This is another option to watch Grammys Live. It also makes free trial available. This period is to enable you assess the streaming quality. The short period is enough for you to determine whether to use the station or not. You can cast it through different operating system such as android and iOS. The streaming quality is also high.

Fire Television:

Start your free trial on Fire TV. You can set up your account in a simple process. Follow the instructions provided to stream the event live through your Fire TV.

watch Grammys Kodi Stream

Kodi is another online channel you can watch the streaming service. It offers free trial and you can download the app, just as you did for other channels. Follow the instructions to download and install it. Remember that it is compatible with different operating systems. You must specify the operating system for compatibility.

How to watch Grammy online with tablets and smartphone

Most of the online channels are compatible with tablets and smartphone. You have to download the CBS app to your smartphone and tablets and begin to enjoy the program. It will be as clear as those aired on the television. This option is not free, you must subscribe when you download the app before you can access the content.

How to watch the Grammy Award on Social Media


Many fans who do not have the money to subscribe for CBS streaming services can rely on what is made available to them through the social media.


Facebook can stream the channels. Just look for the links that televise the event free. Usually there is annoying adverts.


Twitter can equally stream the program free. Many people rely on twitter account of many fans to watch it. You must search for the streaming tweaks before you can enjoy it.


This can also stream it to fans. Search for the sub reddits that want to advertise it live.

Something was said about YouTube before. Several people could prefer to stream it live through the YouTube channels. Search for such channels, you will see them.

Grammy awards streaming through VPN

The essence of VPN is to disguise your location. If you reside in geo restricted area, you can disguise your location a VPN service. It will give you another IP address and it will seem as if you are located with the non-restricted areas. There are various VPN service providers and you have to make your choice.

Grammys streaming using DNS Proxy

This has a lot in common with VPN. The DNS server is changed and it disguises your location. You can breakthrough any barrier that makes it difficult to watch the program.

How to watch Grammy outside USA

How you reside outside USA, it is certain that you look for an online alternative to watch the program live. You can either use the DNS proxy as described above, or you use VPN. Furthermore, you can watch it through various social media channels. You cannot have direct access to CBS.

Usually CBS partners with other stations to televise the award live. It is likely that foreign television channels could stream the award. It is an opportunity for non US residents to watch the program.

Grammy awards tickets

Grammy streaming 2019 tickets Many musicians will like to be part of that event live. This means that securing a ticket for the event is not going to be easy. Tickets are already on sale. The best way of securing the tickets is sourcing it from the internet. You have to start searching for it in time before it is exhausted.

Final words

Grammy Awards night remains the most important nights for musicians across the globe. Though the award is for Americans, it can be streamed live to many people across the globe. If you have not witnessed the event in your life, you should never miss this opportunity. Awards will be given in many categories. This year’s award is going to be different from others before it. If you cannot make it to Los Angeles, there are options to watch the event live.

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